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    Well what's in a name? Kay Thomas or Kay Banks? What does the H mean? I'm sure it can be confusing as I transition from my married (Banks) to my maiden name (Thomas), especially for my students. The process has taken longer than expected and hopefully will be finalized this summer. In the meantime, check out my Blog for my post called "Formerly Known As" for details and an interesting story behind the H.

    I was very involved in undergrad so it is no surprise that I would work on a college campus. My professional background is diverse, combining more than 20 years as an experienced leader in higher education with a strong expertise in academic and student affairs. Currently, I am a Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity Officer in the South Carolina Honors College:

    • Teach courses on leadership, social and cultural capital.
    • Program Supervision of the following areas:academic advising, student services, student engagement, senior thesis and
      student wellness.
    • Serve as the college liaison for the University’s Council of Academic Diversity Officers.
    • Serve as an academic advisor for various majors.

    When I am not on campus, I enjoy spending time with my daughter exploring our city or planning the next trip. Follow me on social media or subscribe to my blog.