Each one serve one


For our last day in Napoli, we spent the afternoon participatingin an activity led by ALMA Social Cooperative. This cooperative was started by a father and her daughter who uses their tennis club to offer recreational activities for youth and the elderly. They providesupport where there gaps that the government/state cannot provide. During the pandemic,they were able to keep youth connected via zoom. During the visit, our students played activities with the students from races to football aka soccer. Laura
and I were coerced to join the race as well – see pics below. Thank you to our
SAI contact Filippo for taking my picture.

Our students really enjoyed the time with the youth, learning moreabout their services from Gloria who serves the Vice President. It was a break from the norm of just listening to a presentation and engaging with the service.

We had dinner as a class at La cucina De Gusto that is also a cookingschool. Over good food and drink, we discussed the activities over the last few days and several mentioned they preferred
spending time in Sorrento to get acclimated to Italy and the class. Our next stop is Cagliari to visit Sardex.

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