· Summer 2022

We started day one with an orientation from SAI on health and safety during our stay, Italian food and culture. We are staying in apartments in the city center area of Sorrento so buying groceries is a bit different than in the states. Typically you will purchase food for a few days since milk and produce will not consumable after 3 - 4 days. The icebox/refrigerator is not big so storing a lot of food is not an option.

After orientation, my co-facilator Dr. Laura Brashears and I split today's class lecture. Laura is a sociology professor at the UofSC and has taught SOCY 101 and various sociological topics for the honors college. I led the discussion asking the queston "why should we care about social capital", defining the theory and explaining the connection to Italy based on Robert Putnam's work. The students quickly grasped the concept, having read some of the material prior to class and applied to their networks in the U.S. I ended the discussion sharing that social capital encompasses three concepts: trust, relationships and reciprocity.

Laura provided tips and guidelines on the readings for class. She started with "you do not have to read every word" which brought a few laughs and smiles from the students. Additionally, she split the students into groups for a discussion on expected data on valentine's day gifts. I know the students will use this information in other courses.

After morning class, we all enjoyed a long lunch before our tour of the city center of Sorrento. Check out my IG page for videos of the tour.

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